The flavours of tropical fruit can be described as delicate and fragrant, intense and exotic, accentuated by the warm humidity and lush, thick vegetation of tropical South East Asia. Their characteristics are in contrast to the floral scents found in drier, temperate climates of the northern and southern hemispheres.

The Distinct Character of Fragrant Tropical Fruit

We work with sweet harumanis mangos, perfumed pink guavas, juicy pineapples, vibrant tropical limes, delicate Balinese tangerines and tamarillos that reveal berry and passionfruit flavours.

Each tropical fruit is distinct in its flavour characteristics. We are constantly surprised and delighted by the wonderful diversity of tastes and flavours that we have found in the wide spectrum of tropical fruit that grows around us in Bali.

We love discovering the essence and characteristics of tropical fruit flavours and would like to share these discoveries with you.

Enjoy our distinctive flavours for breakfast on buttered toast, or croissant or sourdough, or, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to add a delicious, tropical twist to a sweet or savoury dish, our preserves make fantastic and inspiring fine food accompaniments.

Delicate and Fragrant Tropical Fruit

The flavours of fragrant tropical fruit are soft sweet and subtle. Their scent is almost perfumed, emitted when the fruit is at its ripest. These preserves are wonderful at breakfast and can also be paired with cheese.

mango-illustration-thumbMangoMade with harumanis mangos (meaning “fragrant and sweet”), the fragrance of this fruit is almost perfumed with a hint of acidity, its flesh golden and juicy, its texture smooth and rich, like butter.
Accompaniments: Buttery croissants and brioches, Greek yoghurt
pink-guava-illustration-thumbPink GuavaPink guavas emit a tantalising, musky aroma that can only be described as seductive. We have captured the pink guava’s aroma and texture in this jam.
Accompaniments: Buttery croissants and brioches, pecorino, baked with mascarpone
balinese-tangerine-illustration-thumbBalinese TangerineThe green skinned Balinese tangerine (called sumaga) has a distinct soft tangerine citrus flavour. In this marmalade, you will discover sensational, subtle, bittersweet flavours.
Accompaniments: Smoked mackerel pate, pan fried snapper with dill

Intense Single Tropical Fruit Flavours

Taste the bold and intense flavours of pineapple and lime, as if you were tasting them fresh in tropical South East Asia. Discover the complexity of the tamarillo, a migrant fruit from South America.

tamarillo-illustration-thumbTamarilloOriginally from South America, a ripe tamarillo is inherently sour, made intriguing by rich undertones of berry flavours. This jam is elegant and unusual combining berry with passion fruit flavours.
Accompaniments: Stilton, turkey toasties
pineapple-illustration-thumbPineappleExperience the real taste of pineapples grown on sun-drenched volcanic slopes in Indonesia, a dazzling density of tartness, sweetness, and satisfying fleshiness.
Accompaniments: Mature cheddar, mascarpone
lime-illustration-thumbLimeYou will be startled at the sheer tang and vitality of fresh, tropical lime. We have added finely hand cut lime zest to create a traditional marmalade bursting with life.
A mouth watering wake up call!

Tropical Fruit Blends

Fresh young ginger adds heat and fragrance to Asian cooking. By blending ginger into tart pineapple and tropical lime, we have created two delicious preserves with an intriguing layer of heat and spice.

pineapple-ginger-illustration-thumbPineapple with GingerThe heat of young ginger accentuates the tartness and sweetness of fresh pineapple, to create a striking blend of fresh, dazzling and spicy flavours.
Accompaniments: Rice pudding, stir-fry
lime-ginger-illustration-thumbLime with GingerThe tangy, vibrant acidity of the lime blends with the heat and fragrance of young ginger to create the unconventional tangy spiciness of this marmalade.
Accompaniments: Baked apples, soft goat’s cheese

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